The Wrong Side of the Right Thing

By Craig Andresen on May 5, 2011

After the 2008 election and in fact before it, one by one by one, liberals both in and out of government stepped up and decried that enhanced interrogation techniques were wrong, would not lead to useful information and should never be employed.

Obama, Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and on and on all made such statements and made them emphatically. They all called for the shuttering of Gitmo…PROMISED it in fact.

Liberals and socialists across the land echoed such statements and in any discussion of the topic which arose, became dismissive and derided conservatives who would dare stick up for such practices. They claimed, with an air of arrogance, that anything anybody might say while being water boarded would never lead to anything of substance and that doing such things was a complete waste of time.

I contend for a liberal to say NOW that they DIDN’T make such arguments would be a bald faced and utter untruth.

One can now only wonder how they would have scoffed had they known at the time, that someone subjected to an enhanced interrogation techniques, had in fact given up the name of a courier. “A courier?” You think it’s worth torture to get the name of a COURIER? You’re INSANE. YOU’RE an IDIOT. YOU’RE WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY!!”

That would have only been the START of their argument.

Yes. A courier. That’s just one of the tidbits given up by someone under enhanced interrogation techniques.

“Bush is a criminal, Cheney is guilty of war crimes! GITMO is a DISGRACE to American ideals!!!” These are things they would have said…and did say…as the discussion would continue.

Now…even in the light of recent events…liberal pundits are STILL railing against such techniques. Juan Williams as even gone so far as to ask whether anyone really wants eye balls being plucked out and tongues cut off just to get information? REALLY JUAN??? SERIOUSLY JUAN??? Both he AND the garden variety liberal/socialist on the street KNOW that isn’t happening but it’s NOW their battle cry.

Good grief.

Fact: George W. Bush authorized the use of enhanced interrogation techniques.

Fact: Under the Bush administration such techniques were employed.

Fact: Many of the enemy who remained mum when asked nicely to divulge information.

Fact: Many of the enemy started singing like song birds when water boarded.

Fact: One of the items given up under such enhanced interrogation techniques was the name of a courier.

Fact: That name was eventually traced to a man who was found and subsequently observed.

Fact: That courier eventually led to the suburban compound of Osama bin Laden.

Fact: After months of careful watchfulness it was determined that Osama bin Laden was indeed inside that compound.

Fact: Osama bin Laden is dead.

Key figures in this administration all sat in a small room, gathered around a monitor, and watched on Sunday evening as events unfolded. They watched live as Navy Seal Team 6 fought their way into the bin Laden compound. They watched as during the 40 minute raid, our military elite hauled out a great deal of what will no doubt prove to be highly valuable information including hard drives, and printed material. They watched as one of the helicopters was destroyed to keep it from enemy hands. They watched it all happen live. They watched as the body of bin Laden was loaded into a helicopter. They watched as bin Laden, who had vowed to die a martyr, died a coward, shoving one of his wives at the Navy Seals, having no idea that it was one of his own, years ago, who gave up the name of a COURIER that led to his demise. They watched and they knew…knew that what was happening in front of them was ONLY happening because the information garnered to make it possible was gathered by the use of the very techniques they had so harshly criticized and campaigned against.

Fact: In killing bin Laden, Obama finished what George W. Bush started and BOTH administrations deserve a share of the credit.

Those techniques, put in place by George W. Bush and his administration revealed the name of the courier who eventually led to the Navy Seal 6 raid on the compound that did away with one of the most heinous murderers in history. Had those enhanced techniques NOT been employed we would NOT have the moral and psychological victory we have today.

This is of course not to say that by killing Osama bin Laden we have won the war. We haven’t. There is MUCH left to be done and as long as people exist there will be evil and the war on terror will likely never end. NEVER.

The Obama administration amid the victory of the killing of this evil radical Islamic terrorist, are still getting it wrong.

They gave bin Laden a proper Muslim burial…at sea. They cleaned the body, shrouded it, had said whatever words are said at a proper Muslim burial during a 45 minute funeral, and respectfully allowed bin Laden to slip beneath the waves. How nice. How serene.

How touching.

Should they have dragged his bloody body through the streets? No….But they need not have taken more care with it after extracting DNA and or any other proof of it being him then pitching his rotting carcass off the bow running it over with the props and chumming the shark infested waters with whatever was left.

This administration was SOOOO concerned about how doing what SHOULD have been done would upset Muslims. HEY LIBERALS/SOCIALISTS…guess what? They’re already upset. In fact…they’ve been cranky for centuries. This administration has decided NOT to release photos of a dead bin Laden for fear of…upsetting Muslims. Ummm…CENTURIES!!! Obama himself will say this Sunday on 60 minutes that the release of such images might incite violence. Here’s a smattering of breaking news for this administration and for Obama…THEY’RE ALREADY VIOLENT!!!

The reality of it is clear. Obama is taking more care to respect those who would murder every last one of us than he is to respect those in our own country who have waited nearly 10 years for the slightest sense of closure.

Has anyone noticed how respectful radical Islam has been since Sunday night’s events in Pakistan? How they’ve written thank you cards for our “humane” treatment of a dead scourge which once inhabited our planet and murdered THOUSANDS? Have their apologies for their treatment of innocents just been ringing in your ears? No? Know why not?

Because whether or not we UNceremoniously dumped the body and whether or not we run a photo on page one…they’re murderous, unrepentant, ideologues bent on the destruction of anybody who crosses their evil minded path and to pretend that ANYTHING we do is going to CHANGE that fact is simply FOLLY and exhibits a rather deranged view of the world, an arrogance of extreme proportion and a monumental and dangerous misunderstanding of the enemy!

Obama claims he, nor Americans, want to spike the football, his analogy for what may…MAY be perceived as celebrating the kill. “That’s not who we are,” he said. Of course this will not stop him from making his first trip to ground zero since the campaign in 2008. He went THEN because it was politically expedient and there is no reason to believe otherwise now as once again, Obama is in campaign mode.

It does prove that he has no more an idea who we are than he knows who our enemies are.

I contend the photos of the dead bin Laden WILL come out and it WILL be this administration which eventually releases them. I also would NOT be a bit surprised if such a thing happens at a time when it would be perceived to do this administration the most good. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if I get surprised in October of 2012. Obama waited 3 years to produce a birth certificate…what’s 17 months for a death certificate?

Even when Obama gets something right, he can’t help but negate it by doing the wrong things.

Fact: Once again…Liberal/socialists are on the wrong side of history.

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