Bin Laden Dead

By Craig Andresen on May 1, 2011

Breaking news tonight that 1 week ago, Bin Laden was killed by a possible missile strike inside Pakistan. The US has the body of the architect of the 911 attacks and DNA has confirmed it IS indeed Bin Laden.

Waiting now for Presidential address to the nation.


How this will effect the Afghan war is yet to be seen and whether or not the Pakistanis were helpful in the strike which killed Bin Laden is not yet known.

Politicular will have a full story and comment tomorrow morning regarding this surprise announcement that UBL…Bin Laden was killed 1 week ago in Pakistan.

One thought on “Bin Laden Dead

  1. I’m surprised to see there’s been a helicopter crash which maybe conveniently has killed the navy seals team who allegedly killed Bin Laden. Were I a conspiracy theorist I’d be thinking, well, that’s the witnesses taken care of then. This is just too much coincidence for me.

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