Who Defines Your “Needs”?

By Margaret Smith on April 18, 2011

Many of you have heard the quote,” the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few”; and recently you heard the President in a speech say this; “You can afford to pay a little more”. My question to Americans is. Who defines what the needs of the many are? Who defines what you can afford?

Ponder these scenarios.  I need a car. So does it mean my neighbor that owns 3 cars should give me one? I need a cell phone. Does that mean that the guy at the store who has a brand new cell phone should hand it over to me? I need clothing for my kids. Does that mean that the store at the mall should give me clothes for my kids? You are now paying from your hard earned taxes, the needs for those items to those who are not working or not seeking to take care of those needs on their own. But, did you want too?

Yes, the Government has determined what the definition of “needs” is; “Whatever someone else owns and you don’t, then that is your need.”  Redistribution of wealth sound familiar. There are many who already help those in “need” of clothing, shelter, or food. They do that on their own; it is called Charity, not by the force of Government. Our taxes being used for “the needs of the many” is the force of the Government. We do not have the ability to say; do not give my tax dollars to this organization.

We witnessed this definition of” need” during Budget debate with Planned Parenthood and NPR. Many hard working average American citizens do not want their tax dollars to fund abortions. I know I don’t. Government felt the “need” of the citizens that want abortions should be taken care of with tax dollars by supporting the organization of Planned Parenthood. Did I agree to this use of my tax dollars? No! But my “need” is not a concern of the Government, as I am a tax payer. I do not have any needs. I am a hard working American worker, I do not have a say in the way my Government uses my tax dollars. I am to just keep working so I can support “the needs of the many”, not for my original purpose of working. Do better for myself and my family.

Again the Government determined the “need” of NPR to get tax dollars. I am not in need of NPR using my tax dollars to stay on the air. But, here again, those that “need” this station are given your tax dollars.

I am a charitable person; I do give to help others. I do it because my heart has compassion, not because my Government is telling me too. I take care of my family first, then, if I have the ability I give. America is the greatest charitable country on Earth, another example of our exceptional nation.  We do this out of compassion, not because our Government is holding a gun to our head.

America is a Republic; we are to continue to fight to keep the Republic. Our Government does not have the right to determine what “needs” are! Americans do have the right to stop this redistribution of wealth.  Americans are free to chose the path they wish to take for their lives, but, not at the expense of someone’s hard working money.

Let your voice be heard with your vote, say NO to the Government which defines “needs” with redistribution of wealth.