There’s a Storm Coming

By Craig Andresen on April 21, 2011

The immigration issue is brewing up a storm and nobody’s sounding the alarm. It’s off the front page and buried in the newscasts but, it’s lurking and it’s building.

Over the last several months, uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa, budget and debt concerns at home, unions against the private sector flair ups, rising fuel prices and inflation and natural disasters have all taken the spotlight while illegal immigration has all but vanished as a headline story.

Make no mistake, there IS a storm coming.

The Obama administration is perfectly content to allow other issues to grab the attention of Americans but be warned, it is political sleight of hand.

Currently, the Obama administration has ordered border area law enforcement to cut back or stop completely enforcing existing laws regarding illegal immigrants. They are also not deporting the ones which have already been caught.


I believe the answer is both simple and complex as there is a multilevel foul odor blowing in with this storm.

On the simple side, Obama IS in campaign mode, not that he ever left it but cutting back on enforcement along the border andceasing the deportations placates what has been a traditional voting block for liberals. Obama must know, even without a declared opponent at this point, he will be challenged in the 2012 election and therefore, he must now begin to strengthen his special interest…interests.

There is also the fact that the Obama administration is currently involved in court proceedings with the state of Arizona over a bill, SB1070, which would give local law enforcement the ability to enforce existing laws if they are in contact with an illegal immigrant on a different matter. Obama and his DOJ are quite comfortable with allowing this, for the time being, to wind its way through the system but don’t be fooled, there are ulterior motives. If the Supreme Court, where this will ultimately land, sides with Arizona, not actively deporting illegals would, I am sure they hope, prevent local law enforcement from acting as there will be no federal back up.

This is where the situation could become much more complex.

IF the Supreme Court sides WITH Arizona, it is reasonable to predict that many, many OTHER states will quickly move to enact the exact same legislation. Should that happen, the storm will become more intense and the situation more complex.

One sure way to get around a Supreme Court decision which sides with SB1070 would be by signing an Executive Order. Although it would be considered an abuse of power, would YOU put it past Obama to sign such an order granting…amnesty for illegals? I certainly wouldn’t as it would further expand the liberal voting base. I admit such an Executive order would be a drastic move it is not the most desperate he could make.

The issuance of an Executive order, which could only be overturned by new president, creating amnesty for illegals would have one of two responses. The first, and I believe most unlikely response would be a rolling over by Americans and simply taking it. This is, after all a center right nation. The second and I submit more likely response would be a popular uprising not of the benign sort at the ballot box but one that would turn our country on its ear. Such an Executive order would virtually erase our borders.

Granted, this is speculation but it is always best to prepare for the worst while hoping for the best and given this administration’s record of ignoring laws that don’t match their established goals should lead one to expect the worst.

If…IF a series of events of this sort should come to pass, uprisings would not be localized in nature rather, nationwide and the worst case scenario would be a state of emergency followed by Martial Law being imposed. Such a desperate move, in the months leading up to the 2012 election could…COULD…put elections on hold and as I said, this would be the absolute worst case scenario.

No doubt liberals who read this blog will attack, not the message but me for daring to speculate about such events and will not offer substantive evidence to refute the article. That is always par for the course.

The question that should be asked is; would Obama go anywhere near this far to get reelected or stay in office? My answer to that is no but it requires an explanation. For those who actually control the liberal agenda, getting Obama reelected or keeping him in office by any means necessary is not the end goal.

Socialism IS. Allowing Obama another 4 years allows more time to implement socialism.

I contend it will take a lot more than the immigration issue to force the worst case scenario in the run up to the 2012 election but the conditions are out there lurking. If the GOP nominates a true and strong conservative with a deep message and compelling solutions to a myriad of national and international problems, if Obama, at that point in time sliding deeper in the hole due to economic distress or if issues regarding his past shed a negative and harmful light on him combine with a boil over on the immigration front…a cataclysmic situation could be in the offing.

The best and maybe the only way to shelter the nation would be to retake both the white house and the senate in the same manner as the house was regained in the 2010 midterm election. Hope for the best…prepare for the worst.

There is a storm coming.