Can Barak Trump Donald?

By Craig Andresen on April 4, 2011

From the time of his election, and yes, in fact, since his nomination, there have been questions regarding Barak Obama’s citizenship. The constitution is clear, “No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.”


If one thing is clear regarding Obama and the liberal/socialist machine which protects him it is that they have established a pattern with their tactics. To see this tactic, one needs to step back and look at individual issues.

The basis, or reason for the unleashing of the Obama Tactic is fear. Those who pose the greatest threat to Obama and the liberal/socialists will have the Obama Tactic deployed against them.

Who are the people who pose such a threat? How about Sarah Palin? Palin leaps to the forefront as the Vice Presidential candidate in 2008. She is straight forward, plain spoken, anti big government, pro drilling, gun loving, constitution hugging, capitalist. Palin is everything Obama and the liberal/socialists are not. During the campaign, team Obama simply ignore her. McCain isn’t going to win and they know it so why bother going on the attack?

Next, it’s the Tea Party, a group that forms from grass roots to challenge the big government mentality. The Obama machine, at first, does exactly what they did to Palin during the campaign…they ignore them but, just like Gov. Palin, the Tea Party just won’t go away and in the Tea Party, Gov. Palin finds a home. Enter step 2 in the tactical response…be dismissive. The Tea Party and Palin were called the fringe movement by Obama’s liberal socialists. As the Tea Party continued to grow, the tactic grew with them. Step 3 was to slap labels on those who posed a threat. The Tea Party was..Astroturf. That label didn’t stick so…they were an angry mob. Didn’t stick. Crazy people. Uninformed. Nope. RACISTS!!! You could see and feel the tactic being ramped up but…the Tea Party nor Palin would go away.

Midterm elections. The Tea Party adopts candidates and Palin hits the fund raising trail. Wherever Palin goes, money flows and the vast majority of candidates backed by the Palin Tea Party juggernaut WIN. But look at how some of their high profile candidates were treated by the liberal/socialists. Michelle Bachmann, Marco Rubio, O’Donnell etc…marginalized, labeled, condemned by liberal/socialists.

Right wing media and Fox News. Here’s the labels…Right wing nuts, lunatic right fringe, faux news, dangerous, liars, idiots and on and on. The liberal/socialists even created a propaganda machine ironically called Media Matters to spread, or at least ATTEMPT to spread disinformation about Rush, Hannity, Beck and Fox News. Now, we know that THEY know it’s not working so…as the 2012 election cycle gets ready to launch, Media Matters has unveiled THEIR plans for an ALL OUT WAR against Fox News!

Why? Why this tactic…ignore, dismiss, marginalize, label then attack? Because the people and entities this tactic is employed against, and always in the exact same way, are considered as threats to Obama and liberal/socialist ideology.

Did you notice one other VERY important factor in the use of this tactic? Where is Obama? HE stay OUT of the fray…EVERY TIME. Now some would say he sends his minions to do the dirty work but I would completely disagree with that assessment. I believe Obama to be the puppet and the Soros/Alinsky crowd to be the generals giving the marching orders.

Okay…back to the questions surrounding the eligibility of Obama to be the president. It’s HIS citizenship in question. HE is the target of the those who dare to ask who he really is and where he rally came from.

At first, as these questions of his place of birth came up…those few asking were…simply ignored…but the questions, just like Palin…just like the Tea Party…just like those pesky candidates and just like talk radio…wouldn’t…go…away. Then came the dismissive treatment. If you asked the question in polite company you were..nuts. The response you would get from liberal/socialists was akin to: “Really? You’re asking THAT? Of course he was born in Hawaii…good grief, get serious.” Then came the label…bring up the certificate and you are a “BIRTHER” ostensibly the lowest life form on the planet. Still, the questions kept coming and so did the accusation that Obama was actually born in Kenya.

A week ago, a GOP presidential hopeful, Donald Trump, brought it up on the View and heads started spinning. Whoopie asked Trump why he would even ask such a thing. “Is it because he’s black?” Ahhh…we KNEW it was coming didn’t we? Trump made a full week out of it and finally…Al Sharpton said it…uttered the dreaded label and called Trump…a RACIST for wanting to see the birth certificate. It seems “birther” is just above “racist” on the bottom of the bucket list. Wait, what? Hermann Cain is now asking about the birth certificate? Have you SEEN Hermann Cain? Will Cain be called (gasp) a RACIST? Probably not. The liberal/socialist machine will try to marginalize Cain by claiming he’s just jumping on a RACIST’S coat tails to gain some political traction.



HEY OBAMA…it’s not just Trump and Cain who would like to see your original long form certificate of live birth…WE THE PEOPLE DEMAND TO SEE IT!!!

And guess what Obama…just like Palin, the Tea Party, those pesky candidates, talk radio and Fox News…WE ARE NOT GOING TO GO AWAY…SO COUGH IT UP!!!!!

If, as your handlers claim, you were actually born in Hawaii, there would be an official original long form certificate of live birth there to prove it. Right? We’re not talking about some cheap souvenir copy or a flimsy announcement from the local rag…we’re talking about an OFFICIAL, ORIGINAL, LONG FORM, CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH FROM OUR 50TH STATE.

It seems to me that if such a form exists, the simple thing would be for Obama to just trot it out, have it verified and laugh about it. But he has NOT in over 2 years done that. What he has done, by some reports, is spend well over 1 million dollars and some reports now claim it’s closer to 2 million dollars, to keep it under wraps. Why?

We also know there are questions surrounding the citizenship of Obama’s father and by all accounts, dad was NOT a U.S. Citizen. Of course, the liberal/socialists protecting the puppet have tried to fudge the constitution and tell us that if ONE parent was a U.S. Citizen that OF COURSE Obama would be a natural born U.S. Citizen. Ummm…NOT according to that pesky constitution.

Obama’s Kenyan grandmother said Barak was born in Kenya and that she was there for the birth.

Michele Obama, on video, said that Kenya was Barak’s homeland.

There is a document in the official record of Kenya’s Parliament where a Kenyan government official states that Barak Obama was born in Kenya.

Barak Obama’s half sister claims he was born in one hospital in Hawaii.

Barak Obama claims he was born in a different hospital in Hawaii.

The Governor of Hawaii says he had seen, had not seen, couldn’t find, did find, hasn’t actually seen the official original long form certificate of live birth of Barak Obama.

A reporter interviewing the Governor of Hawaii said the Governor stated there was no official original long form of live birth in Hawaii for Barak Obama and two days later, said he was mistaken.


The birth certificate is not the only issue on the table however. There are also swirling questions regarding other official documents related to Barak Obama. It seems, by many reports, that Barak Obama has held several differentsocial security numbers and by some reports, the one he has used the most actually once belonged to a man who dies years ago. Then, there is the issue of Barak Obama’s selective service registration. His handlers claim Obama filled it out in 1979. A close look at that document would indicate that the number of identification on it shows it was 1980. The official postal stamp on it shows it was a stamp that had been discontinued several years BEFORE 1979 and other information seems to indicate it was actually put together in the early to mid 1990’s.

Not only should We the People be demanding to see the original official long form certificate of live birth for Barak Obama we should also be demanding that the social security card and selective service record issues be opened to investigation and might I add that anybody who backs Barak Obama, all the liberal/socialists, should be demanding it too because the only way to shut us up on these topics is to prove through verification that there is nothing to these questions!

Here is my guess. We will know one way or the other by July of 2011. Donald Trump and now Hermann Cain are involved. Cain has nothing to lose and Trump…well…he may be many things and one of them is a pit-bull on a T-Bone. Trump will not let it go. While I am not a Trump for president supporter as I simply feel he is unelectable, I will support him on these issues and I suspect he already has something locked in his safe or he would not be in the process of making a federal case of it at this point. Why do I feel we will  know by July? Simple. Trump has stated he will make his announcement about running either in June or July of this year. He is giving Obama ample time to produce HIS proof before that time. Keep in mind, while Trump has hinted that there may be a criminal past to Obama, he has yet to publicly mention either the social security card or selective service issues. Mark my words…HE WILL.

Anybody who claims that these are non issues is either a fool or so full of Kool-Aid they’re not thinking straight. We’re not talking about some kid mowing lawns here. We’re talking about the president of the United States and these aren’t little flecks of dust on a shelf in the back of some never seen storage closet these are constitutional issues of a magnitude never before seen and possible federal crimes. If Obama can NOT prove he is a natural born U.S. Citizen the ramifications will be global.

There is storm brewing. Can you feel it? I suggest others have and can. Rahm left Obama’s side to become the mayor of Chicago. In which position do YOU think he would have more power? In which position do you think he has more security? Huntsman was appointed by Obama as ambassador to China. He quit. Yes he may run for president but as an Obama appointee, he’d be too close to the stain of a constitutional upheaval. Hillary has said she will NOT be a part of a second Obama term and I would expect her to announce her exit by this summer. Gibbs left the White House podium to become what? Some sort of figurehead at Face Book? Axelrod…gone…Browner…Jarret…Biden…Crowley…going going gone?

Mark my words; If Omaba can’t possibly prove his case, those who are pulling his strings, by now, know it and as soon as they know there is no way to keep their ship afloat, they too will run for the tall grass and the marionette will dance no more.

Of course the burnout rate in an administration exists but so soon, so often? It leads me to wonder what they know that we think we know? Keep your eyes peeled for more rats jumping ship.

An aside, if you will, for the sake of clarity. If Obama is, as I suspect, ineligible to serve in our highest office, how did he get there to begin with? Remember these names? Anita Dunn, Van Jones, Tom Daschle, Cass Sunstein, Chai Felblum, Arne Duncan, Kevin Jennings, Harold Koh, David Hamilton, Chas Freeman, Bill Richardson, Tim Geithner, Max Bachus, Hilda Solis and Nancy Killefer? I’m just scratching the surface here but all of these people were considered for and some ARE serving in appointed posts in the Obama administration and each and every one of them was poorly…VERY poorly vetted for their respective positions. Now, what has THIS to do with the Obama birth certificate issue? Step back and look at the bigger picture.

All those names above and many more were poorly vetted by the Obama administration…Correct? I submit…Incorrect. Consider this…those above were not vetted by the Obama administration rather they were vetted by the same people who vetted…Obama himself. All those above had and have storm clouds in their history and so does Obama. Obama gave a brilliant speech at the 2004 convention. It was, IT was masterful. HE wasn’t. Oh, he can READ a great speech and those who pull the puppets strings NEEDED a great facade. In Obama, they found what they were looking for and they capitalized on it. Never mind that there are clouds as they are clouds of a constitutional sort and the puppet master will make the constitution irrelevant. Employ the Obama tactic and simply dismiss and belittle those who dare ask questions. In an anybody but Bush left wing media protected cocoon Obama becomes the president. Move along, nothing to see here.

Creating an economic death spiral via bailouts and upheaval in Middle East producing fast rising oil prices which trigger inflation combined with continued high unemployment a lack of a budget has several benefits for team Obama in that it furthers their march toward socialism through the enhancement of the entitlement society AND…congress has far too much to do to open an investigation into Obama’s past. In this respect, they have calculated correctly. What they failed to add to the equation was Donald Trump.

Trump, who has always known how to command attention and focus the spotlight firmly on himself and who always seems to get what he wants because he has at his disposal the means by which to do so, has plenty of time on which to concentrate on Obama’s past. Trump also has never cared how people label him or what they call him. Fringe? Nut? Birther? RACIST? Water off the Donald’s back. And now Hermann Cain? He’s got the time and the means as well.

This time Obama and those who tell him what to say and do are NOT the ones CAUSING the storm…they’re directly in the path of it and what was just a few months ago a light drizzle is now turning into a natural (born citizen) disaster of epic severity and we…We the People are standing firmly on the higher (moral) ground.

The only way for Obama to emerge is to offer verifiable proof that the selective service registration, his social security card issues and the citizenship are all on the up and up. Fail on any one of the three and a constitutional crisis ensues and Obama is relegated to the festering shame heap of history.

If Trump succeeds in proving Obama does NOT have the constitutional authority to serve as president, it does not necessarily mean he gets the keys to the white house in 2012 but without a doubt, it would cement his place in history as the patriot who brought down the empire. Remember, Trump is in the casino game and he has always been a gambler.

The time has come. We the People are all in and so are you Obama. No more bluffing. You have been called. SHOW YOUR CARDS!!

Screenshot of page 31 of Kenyan Parliament Minutes of March 25, spoken by James Orengo. (2010 courtesy of CDR Kerchner at


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