The Entitlement Mentality of Liberals

By Craig Andresen on March 17, 2011

The term “Entitlement mentality” has been used often over the years by republicans to describe democrats. It is not just a coined phrase. It is more than just based in reality. It is a stone cold harsh truth.

Before the Obama administration, the term “entitlement mentality” flew mostly below the radar. It was used in interviews and more often than not in debate or discussions when the conservative combatant wanted to level a charge against an opponent. It was a buzz phrase…a lightning rod of sorts. That is no longer the case. This administration has embraced the entitlement mentality and taken it from a footnote to center stage.

It first moved to the fore front during the Obama campaign and his attacks on the Bush tax cuts. “Tax the wealthy” was the cry from the left.  “Spread the wealth” was the cry from Obama himself. In other words, those without great wealth were…entitled to it…at the expense of those who HAVE great wealth. But that’s just the surface scratch. How were those, without, to get from those…with? Simple…through taxes. Those without wealth would receive some of what others had THROUGH THE GOVERNMENT. That’s right, liberals/socialists, via Obama, would decide who was…”Entitled”…to what.

The “entitlement mentality” moved to center stage with ObamaCare. We were all told, by liberals, socialists and Obama that healthcare provided by the government was a RIGHT. It’s not but that is certainly what they wanted everyone to believe. Those without health insurance were…”Entitled” to it was their mantra. Again, elected officials from the left side of the aisle would decide just who was…”Entitled” to what. The GOVERNMENT would decide what level of care people would be “Entitled” to receive.

Then came the midterm election of 2010 and suddenly, liberals no longer held the majority in the house and the gap had significantly narrowed in the senate. The gnashing of teeth began quickly as ousted liberals decried their losses. Remember when Scott Brown won the special election in Massachusetts? Remember how liberal/socialists wailed that, (gasp) a republican…A REPUBLICAN…had taken Ted Kennedy’s seat? Do you recall Brown’s response? He said he took the seat which belonged to the people of Massachusetts.

Liberal/socialists honestly felt THEY were ”ENTITLED” to that seat!

Are you starting to see the pattern?

Is it any wonder, really, that average liberal/socialist voters have developed an “Entitlement mentality?” It comes directly FROM those for whom they vote. They feel THEY are entitled and a government which shares that mind set will surely just give them whatever they need. These are people who think, believe, that whatever money, goods or services they get from the government is the government’s to give. That line of thinking could not possibly be more backwards but, it’s exactly what they think.

The unions certainly have made it clear THEY feel…”Entitled” to the government’s money. Banks feel…”Entitled” to the government’s money. Car companies? “Entitled.” Fannie and Freddie? “Entitled.” The list goes on and on but it’s NOT the government’s money. It’s the TAX PAYER’S money.

Now we see on full display the “Entitlement mentality” of NPR. The house voted to defund NPR and the battle will be taken up in the senate. If you ask NPR how much of their budget comes from…”The government’s” money, they’ll tell you it’s barely worth talking about, somewhere between 1% and 3%. If those figures are in ANYWAY accurate…why the stink? This didn’t start with the firing of Juan Williams. It started almost from the beginning of NPR back in 1967 and over the decades, time and time again, defunding NPR has been proposed. WITH the firing of Juan Williams it suddenly had the light shining on it again. Under the harsh light of truth, NPR has fired 2 high level executives but so far, they’ve been unable to slow the momentum.

Liberal media outside of NPR has been shouting about the horrible effects of defunding NPR. Elected officials have been all in a wad over it. NPR certainly has been sobbing crocodile tears over it. Why? It’s only, according to them, 1% to 3% of their budget. Guess again. Reports show that anywhere between 25% and 41% of NPR’s budget comes from “Government” money. Maybe THAT’S why it’s such a big deal…they feel…”ENTITLED” to a share of the “Government’s” money.

Alas, the mentality goes even deeper…with elected officials. In confronting the possible defunding of NPR, ONE elected official, Congressman Jim McGovern tries a little reverse psychology when, in shear frustration, he suggests…hang on to something…that if NPR is going to be defunded of “Government” money, so too should Fox News be defunded of…”Government” money.

REALLY? Yes. Sadly this elected official apparently believe that everyone already IS being funded by the government. In HIS world, and I would argue in the world many who voted for him and those on his side of the aisle, government controls everything and only HIS party of government has the authority to decide who is “Entitled” to what.

Here’s some breaking news for those on the left. Islands will NOT tip over if everyone runs to one side, man did NOT land on Mars, illegal aliens are NOT due the benefits of citizenship, Fox News does NOT receive government funding and “ENTITLEMENT MENTALITY” is…NOT A RIGHT!!!

The Bill of Rights was adopted in 1791…it’s now okay to read it and see what’s in it.