End Game or Game Over

By Craig Andresen on March 22, 2011

Earlier, I wrote and posted pieces on the entitlement mentality of liberals and Obama’s Middle East policy unmasked. This piece, by combining aspects of both those previous entries, paints a bleak picture of the possible end game scenario.

First, let’s go back to the uprising in Egypt. It took more than a week before Obama said a word about that uprising once it began. When he did, he and other members of the administration seemed at odds over the message but eventually managed to settle on one talking point; Mubarak must go. It didn’t take long before Obama spoke publicly about the Muslim Brotherhood and how he felt they should have a seat at the table in forming a new Egyptian government.

The Brotherhood, Obama and others in his administration told us, were benign, not a threat, peaceful in nature and not a political organization. Saying such things ignored the obvious history of that organization and their close ties to Hamas and other terrorist organizations. Indeed, the Muslim Brotherhood IS a radical Islamist organization with political and control aspirations wherever they can gain a foothold.

As Egypt was in a state of turmoil, we began to see the tell tale signs of uprisings throughout the region. Tunisia had already fallen. There was noise coming from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Yemen and of course, Libya.

This is where “Obama’s Middle East Policy Unmasked” enters into play. In that piece I point out that what looks like a total lack of policy is what I believe to be a very precise policy. I pointed out that I expected Obama to remain on the sidelines UNTIL the U.N. entered the fray and I suggested that Obama would cede OUR national interests TO the U.N. and that is EXACTLY what we see happening right now.

The U.N. passed a resolution calling for a no-fly zone in Libya and all at once, Obama jumps into action and sends our military aircraft and cruise missiles into the air to rain destruction on Gadaffi and his forces.

Here’s an important sidebar I failed to recognize in my March 11th piece on the “Policy.” Obama did this WITHOUT the authorization of congress. Why is THAT important other than it defies our constitution? Because IF he had gone to congress, it’s a fair bet that SOMEONE in congress would have demanded to know exactly WHO we were…helping.

Let me clarify. Who exactly ARE the Libyan rebels? They were being shot to pieces by Gadaffi’s military air power and driven back at an alarming speed. THAT much we know. What we DON’T know is just who…THEY…are. Here’s MY best guess. THEY, certainly not all of them but I would suggest the most vocal majority of them are probably a splinter group of the Muslim Brotherhood. It would NOT be a stretch of any imagination or credibility to suggest that the Libyan rebels are radical Islamists. If that assessment pans out it will make even MORE clear that my next point is…ON point.

Radical Islam LOVES what nature abhors and THAT is a vacuum. The Brotherhood and radical Islam is actively seeking vacuums to fill and where they can’t find one as a product of natural causes, they are more than willing to create one.

Why would Obama want to aid radical Islamists? Simple. IF the Middle East and northern Africa are controlled by radical Islamists…What do you suppose would happen to the flow of oil from that part of the world to OUR part of the world? You don’t need 3 guesses to get the right answer…it dries up.

Now, stay with me here, if that oil stops flowing what happens over HERE? Our prices, on EVERYTHING, will sky rocket. Gas, food, textiles…EVERYTHING goes through the roof. Businesses will close, stocks will crash and unemployment will rise beyond, well beyond, what we found unacceptable over the last 2 years. OUR country, and hence, countries around the world, will be plunged into an economic death spiral. Even as I write this, Obama is in South America propping up THEIR oil exploration and drilling instead of OURS. We need oil and jobs…and Obama, while the Middle East and our source of oil is crumbling, is touting drilling in South America? Really? Yes.

By the way, what do you suppose will be the Obama administration’s response to an attack on Israel by radical Islam? I see being tied up in Libya on top of existing wars and future uprisings as a convenient excuse NOT to defend Israel.

Now, to see where all of THIS plays into the “Entitlement Mentality of Liberals” one must again take a step back to see the big picture. Liberals put a stop to oil drilling and the building of refineries in this country some 30 years ago. It was at that same time that we stopped building reactors for nuclear energy as well. Those moves FORCED us into a situation where we became dependent on foreign oil with most of THAT coming from…the Middle East or…other socialist controlled nations in South America.

The wheels of socialism had been put in motion but socialists knew they couldn’t bring their aspirations to fulfillment over night. They KNEW it would take time. They tried to ramp up the socialism process when Clinton won the white house but, after a failed attempt at socialized medicine at the hands of Hillary Clinton and the disaster of losing the midterms to republicans, Clinton, to have any chance of a second term HAD to pull to the center and the process was once again stalled. After Clinton, George W. Bush takes 2 terms grinding the process of socialization to a halt.

Enter Obama. The mainstream media anoints him and refuses to air, or is it…Ayre..his dirty laundry thus making him a populist choice. Remember Obama during the campaign…spread the wealth…fundamentally change the nation…Obamacare? It became obvious to EVERYONE just WHAT Obama is. Only those opposed to his ideals dared pipe up but EVERYBODY knew he was a socialist.

This time around, liberals would NOT be caught with their pants down were there to be, and there was, a disaster in the midterms as there had been for Clinton. THIS time, there was a plan B and THAT plan was to, I believe, lay waste to our nation’s economy by any means necessary.

Where an entitlement mentality doesn’t take hold on its own, one must be FORCED upon the populace. I call it an entitlement mentality you can call it whatever you like…but the end result is the same.

That brings me to what in my opinion IS the end game. People will be forced into reliance on the government for everything. Health care, housing, jobs, food…everything one needs to survive will be doled out by the government. The government, a socialist government, will decide who is entitled to what. In order to keep the populace alive, taxes will rise faster than the price of gas. We The People will have no choice but to become wards of the state and that is exactly what comprises the socialist’s ideals.

With the end game being the socialization of our country, the tactics in play do NOT reflect a single pronged approach. One of the other prongs being employed is the slow introduction of Sharia law into our courts and our society. This is a move intended to tear at the very fabric of our traditional values. Contained in this blog are a couple of important articles, one by Rosie Johnson, “C.A.I.R. Leading Social Media Campaign Against Rep. Peter King” and the other being, “A Brief History Regarding Wars Against Islam” by Emmanuel Etchells-Ayre and I would urge you to read them both. By introducing radical Islam and Sharia law into this country, the hope, I believe, is to divide ideologies and “fundamentally change” the principles upon which this country was built and has thrived for more than 230 years. Do you actually think it’s just a coincidence that the ACLU outwardly defends radical ideals and organizations but condemns Judeo-Christian groups, ideals and mind-sets?

Yet another prong involves our “open” border policy and allowing illegals in at alarming rates. There are even those in the liberal camp advocating allowing those in our country illegally…to VOTE. More liberal votes equals more liberals elected doesn’t it? Expect also to see large numbers of new, legal, Muslim immigrants flowing in to our nation. I wonder which way THEY’LL vote? It is also well known that illegal immigrants send a great deal of our money back to wherever they came from and don’t do a very good job of paying their way when it comes to taxes. While I expect the new flow of Muslim immigrants to pony up on taxes, I also expect they’ll be sending money back to THEIR homelands. This all adds to our economic woes.

This time around, the midterm elections which resulted in an unprecedented gain by conservatives in the house and ended total control of congress by liberals did NOT bring the wheels of socialism to a halt rather it forced the acceleration of the process through other means. Instead of 8 years to implement the necessary changes, liberal/socialists are now desperate as they believe there is only a little over a year left in which to put those “fundamental changes” in place.

Make no mistake, Obama is NOT alone in this NOR is he the architect of it. There are many socialist elites not the least of which is George Soros who are steering the ship. If you don’t believe this to be true, look at the list of sponsors for any liberal or progressive rally which has been held in the last 2 years. There you will find a long and inclusive list of socialist and communist organizations many of which Soros is directly entangled within. You don’t really think the unions are acting out of their own volition do you?

If for no other reasons than those outlined here, and I feel they are important reasons, the elections in 2012 take on an ominous meaning. Will it be the end game socialists have set up for this country or will it be…game over in the hands of conservatives?