An Egregious Step

By Craig Andresen on March 24, 2011

In case you’ve been wondering if or doubtful of Obama instituting a new world order, NWO, speculation has just come to a screeching halt. The NOW is here and it starts right now.

Obama has effectively ceded our national interests and security to the United Nations and one week after putting into place a no-fly zone over Libya he has now handed control of OUR military in THAT theater over to a 28 nation committee called NATO.

Yes it’s true that NATO military ops are commanded by an American but that American is constricted by the committee of nations. Make no mistake, the United States is NOT controlling OUR military in the skies over Libya. As ground forces will surely be called for (in fact there have been special ops on the ground in Libya for 3 weeks even though Obama has stated there will be NO ground forces sent to Libya…he lied)  one wonders how long they will be in theater before THEY too are placed in the hands of NATO.


A league of multi-national interests including Turkey, who by the way has wanted NOTHING to do with the Libya no-fly zone will now call the shots. Rules of engagement will be arrived at by committee. A committee of this nature is exactly as strong as its weakest link and that weak link IS Turkey.

While all of this takes place, Obama and clearly his administration by his orders have refused to utter the word “War.” Instead, they refer to this as a “kinetic action.” Obama’s steadfast refusal to part from political correctness has led our country and our military into harm’s way not only on the battlefield but in the realm of reality by imposing upon us all, a new world order.

As command and control is handed over to NATO in this operation, so too is our ability to provide our military with the best possible info, intel and support.

Hillary Clinton, reading from a prepared statement, has admitted that NATO, at the point of the agreement to take command and control, has yet to even formulate a plan for the operation.

How long will it be before all of our national security, our military and our interests will be placed into the hands of foreign committees? With Obama in charge, I fear that transition will happen sooner rather than later. As theMiddle East continues to roil in uprisings being backed by radicals, as oil prices continue to rise, as our economy continues to slide and as our allies continue to lose confidence in the United States…socialism for our nation at the hands of Obama and those who make his decisions behind the scenes has taken a large and accelerated step forward.

This “kinetic action” of placing NATO in a command and control role over even a portion of the U.S. military is as anti American an idea as is the president who concocted the very idea.

Welcome to the new world order.


Publisher’s Note: Above, you have read my take on what I believe to be a most anti American act. As an American I am proud to support every branch of our armed forces and while I never had the opportunity to stand with them, I will always stand FOR them. Jennifer Stephens, one of our fine contributors at The National Patriot HAS stood WITH them.  There is no such thing as an ex Marine. We at The National Patriot are proud to say she is part of our family and we thank her for her service to our country. Please read HER opinion of this issue below.

 Coward in Chief

By Jennifer Stephens

As a Marine I find it sickening that our so-called Commander in Chief would put American troops under the command and control of anyone else; in this case NATO. Nothing against NATO, but the job of a Commander in Chief is to be the Commander; not to hand off that responsibility to others. If you can’t handle that responsibility, you need to resign as President. Not that Biden would be any better…

Whatever one said about W (I really liked him. Was happy to have him as my Commander in Chief when I was on active duty.) he would never, ever, let NATO take control of our military forces. Yeah, I miss W… At least he had a foreign policy (even if you disagreed with it, he had one – unlike Obama), and respected American troops.

Obama has so little respect for our Marines, that can’t even be bother to pronounce Marine Corps correctly – he pronounced it corpse, insulting all Marines. And, seriously, insulting Marines? Not a good idea…

Speaking of Marines: I am a United States Marine, not a NATO Marine. Our boys (and girls) over in Libya are American Marines, Soldiers, Sailors, and Airmen. They are not, let me repeat that *not*, NATO Marines, Soldiers, Sailors, and Airmen. American troops need to be under American control and command. Sure, we work with NATO, but we do not put American troops under NATO command. Is this really a difficult concept to grasp? Didn’t think so.

Now, if things go bad, BO (who really stinks) can blame NATO… I’m sure that’s a big part of why he’s doing it… He’s mishandled the Libya situation so badly, he wants to wash his hands of it; and the fastest way he could do that was turn it over to NATO; and proving himself a complete failure as a Commander in Chief.

This is one case where the ‘cure’ (handing our troops over to NATO) is worse than the ‘disease’ (his mishandling of the Libya situation). NATO has yet to even formulate a plan for the operation, but they have command of American troops.

May God watch over our troops since their Commander in Chief will not.