England Drowning

By Emmanuel Etchells-Ayre – United Kingdom on March 30, 2011

I am old enough to recall when schools had morning prayers, and religious instruction, When Churches held an annual Whitsunday walk about, where each would walk the boundary of their individual parish, and arrange to meet up with other churches for joint prayers and services at certain points along the boundary.

These walks have been or were at one time a mainstay of the Churches evangelical work as they were a witness and a testimony to God and His Christ, during these walks others would tag along as and when the mood took them, everyone would have a new outfit, women and girls would have home made mainly hand sown dresses , the men would have their best suit (usually their wedding suit if they were married) and wear a Bowler Hat, or a Flat Cap, each Church had it’s individual Banner carried between six men two holding the poles it was attached to, and four who would hold on to the guy cords to prevent any wind dragging it in any direction (The wind bloweth where it listeth).

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Are We Clear on Islam?

John Brewer on Tuesday, March 29, 2011 at 11:28pm

I love the fact that, in our day and age—check your watch–if you don’t like what someone says or someone writes, all it takes is a simple punch of the remote or a simple turn of the dial or a simple turning of the page to snug back cozily in your echo chamber; however, and however painful it may be, it stands that if someone is to learn anything other than new ways to express the deep-rooted presumptions they already have, it is important for them to sit down and bear the discomfort of hearing an opposing view. After all, the opposition may have a point.

But this is a new day and age—check your watch—and I wish you luck in your cable-news serfdom surfing finding a pointful point among the pointless ad hominems, caricatures, loaded language, non sequiturs, circular logic and ad misericordiams utilized by the self-reverential-and-referential heads on the boob-tube, radio, newspapers, or Capitol Hill today—check your watch.

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Please Hand Our “Leader” a Shovel

By Craig Andresen on March 29, 2011

In what I consider to be a “Too little too late” speech concerning our “kinetic action” (a redundancy) against Libya, President Obama failed to, as he so often utters, “Make perfectly clear” many things that must be known.

He failed to explain just WHO the Libyan rebels really are. I believe it’s NOT because he doesn’t know. I believe it’s because he DOES know. We have heard from 1 or 2 who consider themselves “leaders” of the rebel forces that, in part, they have been backed by…Al Qaeda. It is certainly not beyond comprehension that the Muslim Brotherhood is also involved. One must take into account that while not WELL armed, those rebels ARE armed with small arms, RPG’s and anti aircraft guns. Where do you think those came from?

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A Century Later – Unions, Wisconsin, History

By Patty Ewing Robichaud, March 25, 2011

It was 100 years ago today that the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire claimed the lives of many young women – due in great part to oppressive working conditions, a below-standards building, and a fire department ill equipped to deal with a 10-story building. The story is tragic on every level as it was preventable.

The event also spurred the labor unions into action – and rightfully so. Unions caught the public’s and journalists eye as they demanded that such practices that caused such a great loss of life in a matter of minutes would never happen again. Politicians listened, and laws changed. Occupational health and safety became a priority – as bid building inspections to find those not meeting the building codes. Women eventually were allowed to vote.

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An Egregious Step

By Craig Andresen on March 24, 2011

In case you’ve been wondering if or doubtful of Obama instituting a new world order, NWO, speculation has just come to a screeching halt. The NOW is here and it starts right now.

Obama has effectively ceded our national interests and security to the United Nations and one week after putting into place a no-fly zone over Libya he has now handed control of OUR military in THAT theater over to a 28 nation committee called NATO.

Yes it’s true that NATO military ops are commanded by an American but that American is constricted by the committee of nations. Make no mistake, the United States is NOT controlling OUR military in the skies over Libya. As ground forces will surely be called for (in fact there have been special ops on the ground in Libya for 3 weeks even though Obama has stated there will be NO ground forces sent to Libya…he lied)  one wonders how long they will be in theater before THEY too are placed in the hands of NATO.

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Choice vs. Consequence

By Jennifer Stephens on March 24, 2011

I am Pro-Life, but very much believe in choice. I just think the choice comes when a woman decides to do the one thing (outside costly and planned medical procedures) known to cause pregnancy. I mean, really: “I don’t want to get pregnant, but I’m going to do the one thing known to cause pregnancy.” Come on… “I was on birth control.” It’s not exactly a secret the birth control isn’t perfect. Pregnancy is a consequence, not a choice. Rape and abuse are, of course, the exception; but otherwise, pregnancy is a consequence, not a choice. The choice came earlier.

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End Game or Game Over

By Craig Andresen on March 22, 2011

Earlier, I wrote and posted pieces on the entitlement mentality of liberals and Obama’s Middle East policy unmasked. This piece, by combining aspects of both those previous entries, paints a bleak picture of the possible end game scenario.

First, let’s go back to the uprising in Egypt. It took more than a week before Obama said a word about that uprising once it began. When he did, he and other members of the administration seemed at odds over the message but eventually managed to settle on one talking point; Mubarak must go. It didn’t take long before Obama spoke publicly about the Muslim Brotherhood and how he felt they should have a seat at the table in forming a new Egyptian government.

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A Brief History Regarding Wars Against Islam

By Emmanuel Etchells-Ayre – United Kingdom on March 21, 2011

Islam and England have fought many times in the past, mainly on the Indian Sub-Continent, firstly under the auspices of the British East India Company, and eventually under the British Raj.

Afghanistan, as it is currently known, was formed in 1747 under the rule of Ahmad Shah Abdali of the Durrani Empire. In the 19th century, the expanding British and Russian empires clashed over Afghanistan, which resulted in three Anglo-Afghan wars in 70years,the first Anglo-Afghan War Began in 1838, and lasted for around four years , May 1879 The British installed Shir All’s son Yaqub Khan to the throne (1879-1880), who concluded the Gandumak Treaty with the British in May 1879, which transformed Afghanistan into a British protectorate. When Russian forces occupied Panjdeh, a district less.Dost Mohammad’s successor Shir Ali improved ties with the Russians, which resulted in another British invasion of the country, paving the road for the second Anglo-Afghan war (1878-1879).

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The Entitlement Mentality of Liberals

By Craig Andresen on March 17, 2011

The term “Entitlement mentality” has been used often over the years by republicans to describe democrats. It is not just a coined phrase. It is more than just based in reality. It is a stone cold harsh truth.

Before the Obama administration, the term “entitlement mentality” flew mostly below the radar. It was used in interviews and more often than not in debate or discussions when the conservative combatant wanted to level a charge against an opponent. It was a buzz phrase…a lightning rod of sorts. That is no longer the case. This administration has embraced the entitlement mentality and taken it from a footnote to center stage.

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